We Li

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering

Address: 250A Heavy Engineering


Office: 631-632-8882

Zijin Mei

PhD student

My name is Zijin Mei and I am currently a PhD student. My research interest is in solving problems related to geosystems and geotechnical engineering through experiments and simulations. My current research focuses on flow and dissolution in a fracture network and how stress affects permeability and dissolution in fracture networks.

Zijie Xu

PhD student

I'm a Civil Engineering PhD student at Stony Brook University with an M.S. degree from Chongqing University. My current research centers on 3D wormhole formation in gypsum via core flood test. This work deepens my understanding of porous media behavior and is a critical part of my academic journey.

Myles Tucker

Master student

Hello, my name is Myles Tucker! I'm a current graduate student in the Department of Civil Engineering, specializing in structural and geotechnical engineering. I am interested in underground construction, such as tunneling, shaft design, site development, and sustainable energy. I have experience working on a variety of projects through internships with H2M Architects + Engineers, NYSDOT, and Mott MacDonald. Lastly, I am currently involved in the design of a mile-deep shaft to house a gravity battery storage device that Terrament, Inc. proposed as a means of sustainable energy storage.

Giselle Morocho

Undergraduate researcher, Simons STEM Scholar

My name is Giselle Morocho Aguilar. I'm a freshman at Stony Brook University and I am part of the Simons STEM Scholars Program. I recently graduated from The Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women located in Brooklyn where I previously resided. My research interests are in structure, but my current work is in geotechnical engineering. Currently, I am analyzing the deterioration of pipes and the removal of material due to groundwater through a 2D flow cell simulation. In analyzing this, we look for how sinkholes occur, how we can fix or maintain the pipe structure to avoid sinkholes from developing, and what material can be used to minimize its removal through groundwater. 

Laura Zhang

High school intern, Great Neck South High